Brands are… según Wolff Olins

Impresionante Wolff Olins.

Brand = Platform
Brands started as a stamp on a product, and became a gadget designed to get people to buy, an emotional lever. Now they’re becoming something bigger and different. Brands are becoming platforms.

Brand = Link
It’s not just individual customers who use these platforms. Other organisations do too, and brands increasingly link organisations together. The corporation of the new century is more like a constellation, and brand is becoming the link, the multiplier.

Brand = Theme
As brands become platforms and links, they get used and abused. People want to make them their own – which means they may no longer be the same everywhere. Brand becomes not one tune, but a theme with variations.

One thought on “Brands are… según Wolff Olins

  1. Buen punto. Su libro BRAND tiene casi 10 años pero ahora que todo el mundo quieree reinventar esto del branding, a mí me sigue pareciendo de obligada referencia. Muy interesante su modelo de los 4 vectores de marca (producto, comunicación, entorno físico, personas) que deja a años luz el m mix de Kotler y explica las experiencias de marca según las vive el consumidor. Saludos.

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